Quality Control

Many companies have tried and failed with overseas manufacturing because they underestimate the time and effort required to manage the process. With over 10 years of experience, Canterra experts know what to look for, when to look, and how to solve problems. We guarantee a job well done.

Quality assurance begins long before any purchase orders are issued. Choosing the right manufacturer is paramount in ensuring quality product. We carefully research and audit potential manufacturers to ensure they have the experience, references, and production capacity to produce your goods as per specifications. See research to learn more about this process.

Every client has unique needs and Canterra has the experience and expertise to adjust our systems to suit yours. Our standard Quality Assurance system is as follows:

  • Factory Audit – Pre-production factory inspections verify capacity, working environment, production, machinery, quality, etc.
  • Initial Production Check – Inspection in the first phase of production to ensure correct raw materials are being used, and also to solve any issues early on.
  • Production Phase Inspection – At pre-determined phases of production our staff will make site visits to verify quality standards are being achieved.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection – Our staff will visit the factory at the production completion stage to do a final quality verification report. Photos, and documentation will be provided as required. Once verified, packaging will be supervised.
  • Container Loading Inspection – When applicable, our staff will supervise the loading of containers to reduce the possibility of damage in transit.

Take control of your supply chain. With our staff on the floor of the factories in which your products are produced, we are able to react quickly to changes. It is a reality that manufacturers change course, or even change hands. If you are buying from a local wholesaler, you are likely to find out that a change has occurred when your product is suddenly different than specified, or the price has changed without warning. At this point it is often too late, and more costly to try to negotiate with your wholesaler, who can only reactively speak to their supplier on your behalf, if at all. With Canterra on your team, and in your manufacturing facility, we will alert you to potential changes and give you the power to preempt.

We are the front line of your supply chain.

Greater control of your supply chain. Better price.

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Let’s think outside the box. A consultation with Canterra can lead to greater control of your supply chain, at a better price. Call us, let’s get started.

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