We have years of experience in a vast array of product markets. We can save you time and money pointing out areas where savings are available, also explaining where global sourcing would be fruitless. Often, our clients are trying to control costs on products they already use. By taking our clients to the source, we have helped them realize savings of up to 60%.

As your representative in the market, it is key that we have a clear and thorough understanding of your company’s core values, priorities, and requirements. We will take the time to learn what is most important to you, and your business. Having these ideals firmly established will allow us to select manufacturers that mirror you. Once we have determined if your products are suitable for global sourcing, the primary objective is to accurately match your unique needs with the strengths of the manufacturer. We must consider lead times, price, quality, availability, volume capacity, and logistics.

Canterra has experience dealing with all manner of products, and specific strengths in the building materials genre. This deep product knowledge is vital in selecting a suitable supplier. We know what questions to ask, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Greater control of your supply chain. Better price.

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Let’s think outside the box. A consultation with Canterra can lead to greater control of your supply chain, at a better price. Call us, let’s get started.

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